Make Up Visor

Wish you could successfully touch up your makeup in the car without reaching for that handbag? Now, the Make Up Visor makes it easy!

  • Securely Holds All Your Go-To Makeup Products
  • LED Lighted Mirror for Flawless Application
  • Positioned Right at Eye-Level
  • Allows Makeup to Be Applied Quickly When Vehicle is Safely Stopped
  • Flips Up and Secures So You Can Resume Safe Driving


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Azure Scott of Stone Mountain, GA has created a makeup storage case with lighted mirror that attaches to a car visor or the headrest for backseat passengers.

The idea was born after stopping at a red light, running late for a dinner. Azure did not have time to apply makeup at the light, so she found herself reaching for her purse while driving. Not only did she reach for her purse, but she also had to dig deep for her makeup bag, open it, and look for her best lipstick. She then had to open the dirty mirror on her visor and try to fit her face in the tiny square to apply the makeup without the best lighting. This was dangerous, time consuming, and did not provide the best makeup outcome. Azure just knew there had to be a better and safer way. In turn, she was inspired to create the Make Up Visor. Now, makeup can be applied efficiently while stopped with a brighter light and bigger mirror, so you can look your best when arriving at your destination!

The invention is positioned right at eye-level where it can be accessed quickly when safely stopped in traffic or at a red light. When traffic starts moving, or the light changes, the case is simply flipped up and secured, so you can resume safe driving.

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