A new mount for a rifle that combines the functionality of a bipod mount and a bean bag support.

  • Improves the Effectiveness of Marksmanship
  • Gives Shooter the Option of Changing from Bag to Bipod Quickly
  • Provides a Stable Gun Rest
  • Can Be Used Comfortably with Confidence
  • Ideal For Use with Heavy Guns or Guns with Strong Recoil Action


Utility Patent - 11,635,272

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Michael P. Cisnero of Kenner, LA has created a mount for a rifle that combines the functionality of a bipod mount and a bean bag support.

Rifle bipods feature two legs positioned in a triangular-shaped arrangement with a rifle rest on top. They provide rigid, steady support with unequaled versatility and portability to increase the chance of success when taking that all important shot. However, sometimes shooters prefer using a bean bag to support their rifle. Bean bags are great for uneven surfaces and allow for last-minute adjustments that are not possible with a bipod support. When a shooter wishes to use a bean bag, the bipod mount must typically be removed. With his military experience, Michael just knew there had to be a solution. In turn, he developed Magnipad!

Shooters can now use a bipod mount on a firm level surface, but also use the gun on a bean bag without having to remove the bipod mount. This will be ideal for times when shooting from an uneven surface or last-minute adjustments are required. The invention improves accuracy and provides an advantage for rifle shooters who frequently have the need to switch between a bean bag and a bipod mount. The invention can be used comfortably and with confidence.

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