Lyin’ Time Clock

A new original political comedy timepiece.

  • - Displays the Time with Hands
  • - Plays Recordings at Pre-Determined Intervals
  • - Messages Can Also Be Played on Demand
  • - Extendable Pinnochio-Like Nose
  • - Truly a Conversation Piece


Utility Patent - 10,990,064

Story Behind the Invention

The Whimsyman of San Ysidro, CA has created a new original political comedy timepiece!

Since the presidential election of 2016, some consider many of the speeches and claims made by the current president to be false. The reciting of those claims and statements have even provided a source of comedy. The Whimsyman began thinking of a new novelty item that could repeat those phrases periodically for laughs. A cuckoo clock came to mind. He envisioned a device that portrayed a presidential-like setting, yet had some functionality and provided a novel comedic effect. The idea has been further developed and is now ready for market!

The Lyin Time Clock features a presidential figure with a long Pinnochio-like nose behind a podium that is inscribed with IMPOTUS". At a pre-determined interval, the figurine recites one of the lies or exaggerations from past speeches and texts, which have been obtained from recordings or a voice impersonator. The Pinnochio-like nose then begins to extend. Messages can also be played on demand. Not just for comedic effect, the clock tells the current time with hands. It is battery powered and a great conversation piece!

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