Love Knows No Color

We are all the same in His sight.

  • Delivers Important Message
  • Can Be Inscribed on Paper, Cups, and More
  • Various Colors Possible
  • Great Promotional Item



Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Dr. James Graham of Pawnee, OK is bringing an important message to market: Jesus sees no color. We are all the same in His sight.

Dr. Graham has worked in family practice for over 40 years. When he required a second kidney transplant, he truly felt his career was over and his days on earth were numbered. He was 96,000 down on the transplant list when he received the life-changing call. A perfect match had been located. The donor was a 44-year-old Black female from North Carolina. Her gift would allow him to survive and go on to see hundreds of patients. It was miraculous! Now, his wish is to reach all people to let them know Jesus sees no color.

Love Knows No Color can be inscribed on paper, cups, and more. The logo can be printed in various marketable colors. It is sure to be a great promotional item!

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