Love Garden Stencil

Create a garden in the shape of the word LOVE!

  • Create a Custom Flower Garden
  • Express the Message of Love to All
  • Much Needed Message in the World Today
  • Place on Ground, Outline with Rocks, Fill with Potting Soil, Add Plants
  • Easy to Manufacture


Design Patent #D826,324

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Loren Lee Cornett of Hamilton, OH has designed a stencil for creating a garden in the shape of the word LOVE.

Planting and caring for a garden is a task enjoyed by many. Watching it develop, while watering, fertilizing, and pruning can be a simple pleasure. With the current state of the world today, Inventor Cornett felt like the message of love was much needed. In turn, he created the Love Garden Stencil!

This clever new design will allow gardeners, homeowners, and more to express the message of love to all who view their garden. Users will lay it out on the ground, outline with it rocks, fill it with potting soil, and plant flowers or flora of their choice. The stencil will be easy to manufacture.

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