London Locator

Worldwide tracking of your furry friends.

  • Wireless Communication Chip
  • Inserted By Veterinarian
  • Will Beep and Track the Animal Wherever It Goes
  • Location Can Be Determined Via an App on Your Smart Phone or Computer
  • Will Reunite Pet Owners with Their Beloved Pet Who Might Otherwise Stay Lost


Utility Patent - 11,503,803

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Sandra Arendsen of Newaygo, MI has created a wireless communication chip for worldwide tracking of your furry friends.

The idea was born after a rescue took her dog out of her yard and put her up for adoption. This was incredibly devastating, as the dog had been with Sandra for over sixteen years. Sandra has been searching for her since that day. As an animal lover, she was inspired to create a device that could reduce the number of lost pets on the run, or in shelters. In turn, she developed the London Locator!

This wireless communication chip is inserted and removed by a veterinarian. Once in place, if the animal goes out of your yard within so many feet, the device will beep. It will then track the animal wherever it goes. Location can be determined via an app on your smart phone or computer. The invention brings peace of mind to pet owners! It could even be turned into jewelry to keep track of children, a person with a disability, or the elderly.

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