Locked In Riot Shield

An interlocking system for riot shields that allows multiple shields to be temporarily connected together for enhanced protection.

  • Can Be Adapted to Almost Any Type of Riot Shield
  • Impenetrable
  • For the Military, Law Enforcement, and the Security Industry
  • Can Be Used for Crowd Control, A Mobile Ballistic Wall from
  • Gun Fire, or To Protect the Injured


Utility Patent - 11,519,699

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Brandon L. D. Kissinger of Redmond, WA has created an enhanced physical protection system for use during times of civil unrest.

The concept emerged after Kissinger studied several riot videos, noting instances where situations could have been better managed with enhanced protective gear. The catalyst was a tragic incident involving a 70-year-old protestor who lost his life after being pushed in the midst of the situation. In turn, Kissinger was inspired to develop an interlocking system that allows multiple shields to temporarily connect, providing enhanced protection and reducing the need for direct physical confrontation. This invention could revolutionize how law enforcement, security agencies, survivalists, and protestors approach crowd control, offering a non-lethal force alternative that prioritizes safety without compromising effectiveness.

As it stands now, law enforcement has a force continuum they are supposed to follow that slowly escalates to lethal force only if absolutely necessary. This invention can slow that escalation. It can be used for crowd control, a mobile ballistic wall from gun fire, or to protect an injured person while medical teams work on them. It can be used as a team or individually.

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