Load Securing Device

A ratcheting binder unlike any you have seen or used before!

  • Secures Cargo During Transportation
  • Sealed Bearing with Greased Fittings
  • Won’t Rust or Bind
  • Rubber Molded Shock Cover Keeps Grease In and Dirt Out
  • Adjustable Handle and Locking Lever


Utility Patent #11,110,849

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Allen Alterie of Willsboro, NY has created a ratcheting binder unlike any you have seen or used before!

The inspiration was born at his everyday job. Allen transports large, heavy equipment and the binders he uses on a daily basis would rust, bind, and wear out easily. Not only was this frustrating, it presented a safety hazard. He just knew there had to be a way to make his everyday transportation more efficient. In turn, he developed the Load Securing Device!

The invention is used to secure large equipment, logs, and pipe and shipping containers during transportation across the world. What makes the device unique is its sealed bearing with greased fittings. It is coated in rubber, ensuring a better grip that will never rust or bind. The rubber molded shock cover will keep grease in and dirt out. This unique design also has an adjustable handle and locking lever, so you can tighten the binder at any angle and lock it in place. The invention is used like any other binder, but its innovative features separate it from the competition!

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