Live Well Buddy

Hands-free access to the interior of live wells on a boat.

  • Allows Live Wells to Be Opened Via Deck-Mounted Switch
  • Easy to Use
  • Eliminates Dropped or Lost Fish
  • Lid Remains Open Until the Switch is Pressed Again
  • Great for Those Who Fish Alone


Utility Patent - 11,525,296

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Wade B. Martin of Booneville, MS has created a hands-free way of accessing the interior of live wells on a boat.

The idea was born while fishing alone in windy conditions. When Wade would put fish in the live well, the boat would drift off the brush site. This caused him to spend most of his time trying to get back to his fishing spot, rather than actually fishing. Also, for those with arthritis or physical limitations, it can be very difficult to pull the live well lid open. He just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, he was inspired to develop the Live Well Buddy!

The invention is an electric lid opening system for hands-free access to the interior of live wells on a boat. The underside of the lid is provided with a motorized lid opening mechanism. Users will simply step on the deck-mounted pushbutton and the lid will open and remain open until the switch is pressed again. This allows fishermen to place fish inside the well without having to fumble around with the lid and risk dropping or losing the fish. The invention is easily wired into the standard 12-volt electrical system on almost any boat.

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