Litter Getter

Provides safe, fast, and efficient roadside litter removal like youve never seen before!

  • Can Be Operated by One Person Seated in Any Vehicle Equipped
  • with A 2-Inch Ball Hitch
  • Cleans Grass Up To 10 Miles An Hour With An 8-Foot-Wide Cleaning Path
  • Electrically Lifts Up To 4,500 Lbs. of Material to A Height of 9 Feet
  • and Dumps Its Contents for Disposal
  • Can Clean on Average 32 Miles A Day


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jamey Whitman has developed an innovative new roadside litter collecting machine.

Litter has been a problem as long as mankind has roamed the earth. It is not only an eyesore, but litter can affect vegetation and wildlife as well. The only sure way to pick up litter, particularly from grassy areas, is to pick it up one piece at a time. Unfortunately, this takes an excessive amount of time and money. Jamey just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, he was inspired to create the Litter Getter!

But how does it work? At 1400 pounds, the invention cleans grass up to 10 miles an hour with an 8-foot-wide cleaning path. The 4 cubic yard hopper can electrically lift up to 4,500 pounds of material to a clearance height of 9 feet and dump its contents for disposal accordingly. The machine is operated by one person seated in any vehicle that is equipped with a 2-inch ball hitch. The invention provides safe, fast, and efficient roadside litter removal. At full capacity, it can clean on average 32 miles a day. This is innovation like weve never seen!

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