Light Bar Safety Glasses

An illuminated bar for eyeglasses.

  • Fully Illuminated Vision
  • Shadowless Light
  • Switch Activated
  • Rechargeable
  • Perfect for Safety Glasses or Surgical Headwear


Design Patent - D994,757

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Nicholas Kral of Lakewood, CO has designed an illuminated bar for eyeglasses.

As an auto mechanic, Nicholas purchased numerous flashlights to use on the job and never wore eye protection until developing this product. Now he is wearing eye protection the entire day and the glasses have almost completely replaced his main flashlight!

Although there are headlamps, they are usually strap-mounted lights and wearing a strap all day gets hot and traps sweat and dirt against the head. Plus, headlamps are bulky and create a shadow. But now, Nicholas is able to get closer to his work without interference from his light or fear of eye contamination.

The invention is an illuminated bar for eyeglasses that is activated via switch. When using a headlamp, you are often working around a shadow. But now your entire field of vision will be illuminated, and shadows will be almost nonexistent. The glasses will also be a lot more comfortable than dealing with other lighting solutions of the past. While ideal for safety glasses, the invention could even be used for surgical headwear.

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  1. Glen Clsrk

    I like what they they look I would be interested in hole sale

  2. Glen Clsrk

    I like what they they look I would be interested in hole sale.I’m interested send one to me for inseption for a revue I’ll send it back afterwards thank Glen

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