Life Saving Beacon

Now, first responders can pinpoint exactly which home needs assistance!

  • Positioned on Top of the Home
  • Beacon Produces a Visual and Audible Alarm During an Emergency
  • House Becomes Easily Detected by An Emergency Vehicle
  • Eliminates Possibility of First Responders Going to the Wrong Residence
  • Such Quick Detection Could Save Lives and Property


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Marina G. Garcia of Huntsville, AL has created an emergency beacon so first responders can now pinpoint exactly which home needs assistance in an urgent situation.

In many areas, especially rural locations, there is little to no lighting on the roadways. Mailboxes have no numbers, or the numbers are hard to see. Also, many of the mailboxes are on one side of the roadway, instead of in front of the actual home. In an emergency when every second counts, finding a residence can be quite difficult. Although there are web mapping platforms, they are not 100% reliable. And so, Marina just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, she was inspired to develop the Life Saving Beacon. She knew a beacon could be spotted from a distance, making arrival time to the scene much faster!

But how does it work? The beacon is positioned on top of a home. During an emergency at a particular residence, the user can activate the beacon to produce a visual and audible alarm that is easily detected by an emergency vehicle that is travelling nearby. Such quick detection will save valuable time that could be the determining factor in saving lives or property.

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