Life Saver Suit

The Life Saver Suit is a wet suit with special features to help prevent drowning.

  • Inflates by Wearer in Event of Water Based Emergency
  • Helps Provide Protection Against Unexpected Medical Emergencies like Cramps, Exhaustion, Heart Attacks, and More
  • Long-lasting Emergency Light, GPS Tracker, Heater
  • Makes User More Likely to Wear
  • Available in Multiple Sizes


Utility Patent #9,963,210

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Julius-Peters N. Ebot of Green Valley, AZ has created a wet suit with special features to help prevent drowning.

Many people love to swim and enjoy outdoor watersports. Swimming in general can be a fun and healthy way to keep an individual physically fit. However, without the proper safety equipment, water related activities can be dangerous and even life threatening. Capsized vessels and watersport accidents are all too common. Muscle spasms and exhaustion can also set in. While there are life preservers, life vests, and life jackets, all of these floatation devices may hinder movement and may be unwearable in some situations. In turn, Inventor Julius-Peters N. Ebot was inspired to create the Life Saver Suit!

This clever new invention functions like a regular wetsuit but offers the full protection of a flotation device without the bulkiness or hindrances of a conventional flotation vest. This makes a user more likely to wear it. A user will simply inflate the device in the event of a water based emergency. This product helps provide protection against unexpected medical emergencies like cramps, exhaustion, heart attacks, and more. It also has a long-lasting emergency light to help rescuers see a swimmer in trouble. Multiple sizes are available.

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