Leak Alert

Under-the-sink leak notification anywhere you have your phone!

  • Damage Prevention
  • Peace of Mind
  • Easy Set Up
  • Audible Alarm
  • App Notification of Leaks
  • Under-The-Sink Items Can Be Placed on Top of Leak Alert


Utility Patent - 11,313,751

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Daniel E. McGehee and Eric J. McGehee of Kyle, TX have created an under-the-sink leak detection and containment device. With this innovative new alert system, homeowners will be able to take action before a leak causes them major issues.

As many homeowners can attest, a small water leak can quickly lead to major structural damage. The homeowner is then left with repairs that must be addressed right away. Of course, this also results in a major expense, too After dealing with several water leaks at home, Daniel, alongside his son, Eric, were inspired to develop the Leak Alert!

The invention consists of a waterproof tray with a replaceable absorbent mat that is laid flat under the sink where water is either being drained or sourced. Once in place, a user will simply set up Bluetooth notifications through a phone app and flip a power switch on the device. If a leak is detected, an audible chirp will sound and a message will be sent directly to the app, informing the user of the leak. The tray will be there to catch any drips until the homeowner can attend to the leak.

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