Lay Right Sleeper

This new sleep comfort system features a specialized mattress and an air system.

  • Provided With a Recessed Opening for the Face
  • Specially Created to Accommodate Those Who Sleep in A Prone Position
  • Great For Those with Neck and Back Problems or Stomach Sleepers
  • Also Supplies Fresh Air
  • Multiple Sizes Possible from Twin to King


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Marc Walz of Fillmore, IN has developed a sleep comfort system featuring a specialized mattress and an air system.

In 2006, Marc dealt with 2 bulging discs and 1 nearly herniated disc in his neck. Physical therapy helped during that time. In 2010, however, his neck problem returned while staring up too long while working on a car. Chiropractic services were recommended at that time. After the massage came TENS therapy. Marc loved that type of bed with the heat and tingling. Unfortunately, a later car accident sent him back to the chiropractor once again. He couldnt stop thinking about that bed and how helpful it had been. In turn, he was inspired to create an everyday sleep comfort system called the Lay Right Sleeper!

But how does it work? The mattress is provided with a recessed opening for the face and was specially created to accommodate those who prefer to sleep in a prone position. This system allows users with neck and back problems, or those who simply like to sleep on their stomachs, the ability to do so comfortably without waking up with neck or back pain. If desired, the system will also supply fresh air to the user as they lie face down against the mattress. Sleeping on one's back with air blowing across the back of their head will also help with night sweats associated with menopause. Those who don't sleep face down may actually change their mind after trying this system! Multiple sizes from twin to king are possible.

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