Lay Out Tape and Tape Holder

A mountable measuring tape holder with pre-marked tape for sixteen on center stud marks.

  • Helps Lay Out
  • Easily Mounts to a Work Surface
  • Stays in Place
  • Saves Time
  • Must-Have for Carpenters


Utility Patent - 11,454,484

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Steven Tremblay of Fiskdale, MA has created an innovative new mountable measuring tape holder with pre-marked tape for sixteen on center stud marks.

When marking roofing elements like joists, rafters, and studs with a tape measure, square and pencil, it is imperative that accurate markings be made. A typical method includes running a tape measure along the framing element and marking at specific intervals, then moving to another location along the same framing element, while carrying the materials up and down the ladder or scaffolding. Leaving the tape measure on the framing element can be dangerous as it may fall, or it may slightly move due to the vibrations of the construction process or accidental bumping, thereby requiring the measuring process to start over again. As a carpenter, Steven just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, he was inspired to develop the Lay Out Tape and Tape Holder.

You will now be able to lay out your first mark as usual, depending on the width of the material, and then use the invention for the rest of the run. The invention will cover more distance than your average tape measure and it will stay on the framing member wherever you leave it. This will make it quicker, easier, and more fun for workers to get the job done.

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