Laser Golf Putting Guide

Develop your putting skills and perfect your aim line!

  • Stationary Illumination Light
  • Allows Golfer to “Lay Down” the Intended Aim Line
  • Micromanage the Aim Line by Inches
  • Can Easily Be Stored in a Golf Bag with Other Clubs
  • Simple to Manufacture


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Mike McNenny has created a laser putting guide to help golfers develop their putting skills and perfect their aim line.

As a golfer, this was something he had thought about years ago. Aiming is easy but the ability to aim precisely is the crux of all golfers. For both amateurs and professionals, he believes the number one reason for missed putts is poor alignment to the hole and the inability to visualize the correct line between the ball and the hole. The best way to learn proper alignment is to see the actual line. In turn, Inventor McNenny has created the Laser Golf Putting Guide with stationary illumination light.

A key feature of this invention is the illumination light is stationary. Other products have lasers attached to the putter, but those products are not stationary. This product allows the golfer to lay-down the intended aim line. A majority of all puts are going to break to the left or to the right. Rarely, does a golfer have a putt that is perfectly straight and on a perfectly level putting surface. Now users can micromanage the aim line by inches to compensate for left or right breaks depending on the undulation of the green. Frequent practice with this product will translate to fewer putts on the golf course.

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