NEW single-use disposable lap napkins. Just tear, tie, and tuck!

  • Convenient Full-Size Napkin
  • Protects Your Clothing from Spills in the Car
  • Ties At the Neck and Covers Your Whole Lap
  • Upscale, Tailored Design
  • Also Functions as A Stand-Up Apron
  • Kid Version Possible


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Marjie Hampson of Reno, NV has designed a single-use disposable lap napkin. Whether you are getting food from a drive-through, or eating a packed lunch in the car, no longer will you have to worry about spilling on your clothes!

As a salesperson with a tight schedule, a typical day for Marjie would be having to give in-person presentations at several locations. Given this tight timeframe, Marjie would often have to eat in her car in between meetings. Whether she stopped at a fast food drive-through, or packed her own lunch, she would need to be very careful. She had no time to stop at home in-between meetings to change any clothing that had an accidental spill. The last thing she wanted was to show up for a client visit with stained clothes! To remedy this, she would place numerous napkins on her lap and chest, tucking them strategically underneath the shoulder strap of her seatbelt, hoping for the best. Of course, this wasn't foolproof, and droplets of food or beverage would still happen. In turn, she was inspired to develop LAPNAP!!!

The invention is a convenient full-size napkin that ties at the neck and covers your whole lap. It is not a bulky bib. It is an upscale, tailored design that was created to look like clothing. It could be purchased or given out with each bag of fast food. Or, it could be made available at every food establishment, sport stadium, outdoor BBQ event, art class, or camping trip. Anywhere things get messy! It could also be individually packaged and sold to consumers for use anywhere a full napkin is needed. It also functions as a stand-up apron. The additional perforation at the bottom can be torn and attached around the waist. A kid version is also available.

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Additional Information

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