Lámpros Toothbrush

Maintaining good dental hygiene has never been easier or more sanitary!

  • Features A Reservoir for Toothpaste and A Motor in The Handle
  • Toothpaste Is Refilled Whenever Toothbrush Is Placed on Base to Recharge
  • User Can Discharge Toothpaste onto Bristles Through an Internal Tube
  • Improves Sanitation and Eliminates Mess
  • UV Light Keeps Germ Off Bristles and Toothbrush Head
  • UV-C Light Located on The Base, So When It's Charging, the Light Turns on and Kills Anything in The Air
  • Retractable Cord


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Darrnell Wallace of Toledo, OH has created an electric toothbrush system that features a reservoir for toothpaste and a motor in the handle. Now, maintaining good dental hygiene has never been easier or more sanitary!

Brushing is an important part of dental care. However, one also must be mindful of hygiene, as the quickest way to get sick is through the mouth. In addition, Darrnell realized another problem was the messiness of toothbrushing. Like many, his kids would get toothpaste all over the sink. With these issues in mind, Darrnell was inspired to develop the Lmpros Toothbrush!

But how does it work? The toothpaste is refilled whenever the toothbrush is placed on the base to recharge the battery. With the press of a button, a user can discharge toothpaste onto the bristles through an internal tube. This keeps things sanitary and prevents toothpaste from getting everywhere. To further its oral health benefits, the toothbrush head features black light LEDs to break down bacteria and kill germs in the mouth and on the toothbrush head. UV LEDs help to clean teeth, enhance a brighter smile, and keep germs off the bristles. The toothbrush was designed with a retractable cord for convenience.

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