Kutting Edge Lure

A knife with a fillet blade and a fishing lure for the handle.

  • Contoured Handle Fits Well in the Hand
  • Tail Section of the Handle Holds the Thumb in Place for Extra Grip and Control of the Blade
  • Cuts with Ease
  • Great Gift Idea for Fishing Enthusiasts
  • Various Color Schemes Possible


Design Patent - D988,814

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Alan and Valerie Boatwright of Milton, FL have designed a fillet blade knife with a fishing lure for the handle.

Alan became interested in knife making through his late brother, Mickey Thompson, a skilled knifer maker, and Forged in Fire champion. While learning from him, Alan began adding his own twist to knife making. Since they both loved fishing, the idea of a fishing lure came up. Alan created a fishing lure knife for a friend and his brother loved it. In fact, many people admired the knife and expressed interest in owning one. In turn, Alan, alongside his wife, Valerie, were inspired to develop the Kutting Edge Lure!

Simply hold the knife in your hand and wrap your fingers around the one-of-a-kind handle. The handle is contoured so it fits easily in your hand. Your thumb rests on the tail section of the lure handle. This tail section holds your thumb in place for extra grip and great control of the blade. Various color schemes are possible.

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