Kool Keepers

A beverage ice pack that eliminates the need for costly ice purchases!

  • Shaped Like an Ice Block
  • Features Different Holes for Cooling Any Size Bottle or Can
  • Serves As a Protective Barrier to Keep Glass Bottles from Breaking
  • Reusable
  • Saves Money and Hassle


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Mitchell Bedillion of Green Cove Springs, FL has designed a beverage ice pack that will eliminate the need for costly ice purchases!

Driven by his frustration over the expense of filling his cooler with ice for over $20 every weekend, Mitchell came up with this idea as a strategy to cut costs during visits to the beach or pool. Now, Kool Keepers is ready for market!

But how does it work? Shaped like an ice block, the invention has different holes for cooling any size bottle or can. Whether you are off to the beach or lounging by the pool, Kool Keepers is your ticket to perfectly chilled beverages. The device also serves as a protective barrier to keep glass bottles from breaking and is reusable, saving you money and hassle!

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