Kitty Litter Corral

Skip the mess with the Kitty Litter Corral!

  • Three Sided to Keep Litter Contained
  • Antimicrobial and Anti-Static
  • Easy to Clean
  • Fits Most Litter Boxes
  • Especially Great for Senior, Large, or Overweight Cats


Design Patent - D1,015,652

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Michele J. Levine of Peoria, AZ has designed a litter corral that surrounds your existing litter box in an effort to keep litter contained.

With three rescue cats, Michele needed to have multiple litter boxes in her condo. However, soon, all the litter scattered around started becoming a real problem. During the pandemic, she saw people posting on the internet all these amazing cat towers and condos they made with their delivery boxes. She thought it looked like fun, so Michele started cutting and taping boxes too. Eventually she came up with the concept of putting a litter box inside a larger box to keep the litter from flying around. However, her 20-pound cat, Bean, would not use a top entry box or an enclosed one, as he was too big. She then cut the front off a box and there it was a litter corral with three sides tall enough to keep the litter from being flung around! Bean could happily continue using his disposable litter box that he walks right into. And Michele was happy because litter was contained within the corral. Now, the Kitty Litter Corral has been further developed and is ready for market!

The corral features three sides tall enough to keep litter contained as your cat goes about their business and exits the litter box. The corral is made of easy-to-clean antimicrobial and anti-static plastic. For best results, place the corral on the floor with the front lip on top of your litter mat. This will prevent litter from getting in between the mat and the corral. The three sides will do the rest! While ideal for all cats, this design is especially great for senior, large, or overweight cats.

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