Kir-Be Kollars

A new line of pet collars with a GPS tracking feature.

  • Pairs with User’s Smartphone or Smart Device
  • Pinpoints A Pet’s Exact Location
  • Discreet GPS Placement
  • Provides Peace of Mind
  • Various Colors and Sizes Possible


Design Patent - D956,367

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors William Morton of Baltimore, MD and Taylor Morton of Federalsburg, MD have designed a new line of pet collars with a GPS tracking feature.

The inspiration was born after a heartbreaking event within their family. Their in-laws family pet, a 6 lb. chihuahua, escaped from their home. They searched for days, weeks, and months to find him, to no avail. There were reported sightings during the weeks that followed, but every time someone would approach the dog, he would run. William and Taylor knew that if the dog had some sort of tracking feature on him, they could devise a plan to rescue him. In turn, they developed Kir-Be Kollars! Now others may be able to avoid the heartbreak of losing a pet.

The tracker is sewn under the Kir-Be Kollar patch, on the inside of the collar. This discreet placement will keep the tracker hidden in the event the pet is stolen. During use, the collar pairs with a users smartphone or smart device via Bluetooth technology. From there, the application will be able to pinpoint the exact whereabouts of the pet and provide step-by-step directions for locating them. Other alerts are possible. The collar also features a unique durable clip, moisture wicking fabric, and reflective paw prints.

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