King’s Belt Kleaner

An add-on device for conveyor belts to reduce germs and bacteria on the belt surface.

  • Automatically Dispenses a Liquid Disinfectant on The Underside of the Belt as It Turns
  • Disinfectant is Pumped from An Open Reservoir and is Released Via Spray Nozzles
  • Squeegee Removes Excess Disinfectant for Reuse
  • Must-Have for Grocery Store Checkout Belts
  • Can Also Be Used on Conveyor Belts in Food Packaging Plants or Other Locations


Utility Patent - 11,802,003

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jim E. King of Canada has created an add-on device for conveyor belts to reduce germs and bacteria on the belt surface.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all watched store employees sanitizing belts between customers. While physical dirt is problem enough, the pandemic has taught us to be even more cautious of the unseen dangers of germs and bacteria. After all, even food products inside of a container can be contaminated by the conveyor belt. Jim knew it would be beneficial and timesaving for belts to automatically clean themselves as they advance. With this idea in mind, he was inspired to develop Kings Belt Kleaner!

The invention automatically dispenses a liquid disinfectant on the underside of the belt as it advances. The disinfectant is pumped from an open reservoir and is released via spray nozzles. A squeegee is then located at the edge of the reservoir to remove excess disinfectant that falls back into the reservoir for reuse. With this system in place, employees will no longer have to spray disinfectant and wipe down belts in between customers. This extra measure of cleanliness will also reassure clientele.

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