Kid On the Go

Traveling with toddlers just got easier!

  • Foldable Cushioned Seat for Wheeled Luggage
  • Safe and Secure
  • Easy to Carry with You
  • Strong and Durable
  • Must-Have for the Airport


Utility Patent #10,611,393

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jacobo J. Simn of Orlando, FL has created a way for travelers to sit their toddler on their luggage without the fear of them falling off or getting hurt. Meanwhile theyll be able to move freely throughout the airport or otherwise en route to their destination!

Young children tend to get tired while traveling and will ask their parent or caregiver to carry them. If they arent able to be carried, they will need pushed in a stroller. So now, not only does one have to pull their luggage, they have to accommodate a restless child. Some travelers at this stage will resort to placing the young one on the piece of luggage they are transporting, which is dangerous since they are not able to be properly secured. In turn, Inventor Simn was inspired to create Kid On the Go!

This clever new invention is a foldable, attachable cushioned seat for wheeled luggage. The seat is strong and durable, however, it isnt heavy so it will be easy to carry with you. Kids will be safe and secure on it. The seat could even be used for changing diapers if need be. It is truly a must-have for the airport!

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