All of us have lost food in our refrigerators during power outages, but now we dont have to!

  • Portable, Powerless, Rechargeable Refrigeration!
  • Keeps Items Cold Without Electricity
  • Stores Food, Drinks, Medicine
  • Powered by Rechargeable Batteries
  • No Need to Plug It In
  • Must-Have While Camping or During Power Outages or Natural Disasters


Design Patent #D828,108

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Georgianna M. Bowling of Paintsville, KY has designed a cooler with a refrigeration system installed inside. The cooler will be able to keep items cold without dependence on electricity!

While camping, Inventor Bowling had some sandwich meat in a cooler and as she went to make a sandwich, she quickly discovered melted ice water had seeped into the meat, robbing it of its flavor. She knew there had to be another way! After brainstorming further, she knew that redesigning a cooler could also be beneficial during power outages when people often lose their refrigerated food. If you keep the fridge door shut during a power outage, refrigerated food is only considered safe for up to four hours. Those dealing with natural disasters could also benefit hugely from her design.

This clever new invention will store food, drinks, and medicine. It will be powered by rechargeable batteries located in the bottom of the cooler that release Freon. This will make it possible to use the cooler anywhere!

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