Kettle Grill Top Hat

The Kettle Grill Top Hat converts a conventional kettle grill into a slow cooker or searing device with an enhanced cooking area.

  • Center Portion Allows for Searing/Steaming/Smoking
  • Hat “Brim” Blocks Radiant Heat
  • Saves Space - Multiple Cooking Zones
  • Cook Brisket at 225° for Up To 18 Hours, Sear Steaks Directly Over Coals, Cook Crispy Chicken Wings Without Burning Them, and More
  • Must-Have for the Outdoor Chef


Utility Patent #10,888,194

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Michael D. Hammack of Cove, TX has created a device for converting a conventional kettle grill into a slow cooker or searing device with an enhanced cooking area.

There are some products that allow users to convert a kettle grill into a slow cooker or searing machine. However, when they are used for their slow cooker function, a large portion of ones cooking area is completely lost. The grill Inventor Hammack was using was convenient when all he wanted to cook was a brisket or a couple pork butts, but there were times when he wanted to cook larger meals. He was left wanting more capacity. Other products on the market simply invaded too much space on the already small kettle. This is when his idea for the Kettle Grill Top Hat was born!

This clever new invention has a center portion that allows for searing, steaming, or smoking. A hat brim blocks radiant heat. The device saves space and allows for multiple cooking zones. Other products dont! Cook brisket at 225 for up to 18 hours, sear steaks directly over the coals, cook crispy chicken wings without burning them, and more! This product is truly a must-have for the outdoor chef!

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