Keif Coin

A circular piece of metal for use in an herb grinder to increase the production of keif.

  • Similar To a Coin That Is Typically Used, But More Sanitary
  • Ridges Generate More Keif
  • Sized Perfectly for a Grinder
  • May Be Placed in A Freezer or Refrigerator Before Use
  • Cold Temperature Serves to Make the Keif More Brittle and Easier to Break Down


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Dylan Husted of Liverpool, NY has developed a circular piece of metal for use in an herb grinder to increase the production of keif.

The idea was born while looking at his grinder and finding a near empty keif compartment. He was very surprised because all the marijuana that was ground up hardly generated any keif, which is the best part of the plant. In turn, Dylan started researching ways to generate more of it. He could not find a product to help with this problem, but then came across an old trick of putting a quarter in the grinder with the marijuana. He tested it and although it worked, he began thinking of other ways to make the keif fall through the tiny holes of the grinder. He decided to put it in a colder environment to let the particles separate from each other. That was it! The cold environment mixed with the coin made a lot more keif fall off the buds and into the keif compartment. Since that day, the Keif Coin has been further developed and is now ready for market!

The invention is a circular piece of metal for use in an herb grinder. It is similar to a coin - like a quarter - that is typically used, but more sanitary. It is placed into a standard multi-compartment grinder. There, the invention serves to further break down the keif from the marijuana buds. Also, the weight of the coin helps to press the keif through to the lower compartment. To further its effectiveness, a grinder with the coin inside may be placed in a freezer or refrigerator before use. The cold temperature serves to make the keif more brittle and thus easier to break down.

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