Keep-It Hot

Since our phones are always on us now an electric fence tester can be, too!

  • Allows For Testing of Electric Fences Used to Contain Livestock
  • Ensures Tester is as Nearby as a User’s Cell Phone
  • Recessed Electrode on Case is Connected to Internal Circuitry to Measure the High Voltage Output of An Electric Fence
  • Super Convenient and Saves Time on A Busy Day
  • Voltage is Displayed on the Phone Screen Via a Specialized App


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Alexandrine Blais of Canada has created a protective cell phone case with an integrated electric fence tester.

Alexandrine has always liked to be efficient at work and having the right tools can sure make a difference. However, she had only been provided with one fence tester and most of the time, it was in her truck. Several fence testers would have been more useful, but she had only been given the one. A fence tester is an item that all ranch employees should have with them the same way everyone has a phone on them at all times. With this in mind, Alexandrine was inspired to develop a cell phone case with a built-in fence tester. Now, as long as you have your phone, you will have a fence tester, too!

Although it may look like a regular protective phone case, the rear of the case - below the camera location - features a recessed electrode that runs the entire width of the case. This electrode is connected to internal circuitry which measures the high voltage output of an electric fence. The electronics are powered by its own internal battery, and the output from the internal circuitry is connected to a Bluetooth transmitter. This allows the voltage to be displayed on the phone screen via a specialized app.

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