Keep Free

An adjustable portable cup holder for on-the-go!

  • Collapsible to Fit in a Purse or Pocket
  • Features Attachment Band with Clips
  • Perfect for Cans, Bottles, Cups, or Travel Mugs
  • Eliminates Mess
  • Easy to Clean


Utility Patent - 11,759,039

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jacqueline Cintron has created an adjustable portable cup holder that collapses to fit within a purse or pocket for use on-the-go!

Like many, Jacqueline loves to shop, and having a coffee or smoothie in hand always enhances the shopping trip. However, holding a drink with two kids and their own beverages was always a struggle. She would be out of hands and drinks were constantly spilling in the cart! When traveling on an airplane, she wished she and her kids had a stable cupholder so she could sleep better without the worry of drinks being knocked over while in flight. No matter what she was doing, Jacqueline felt like she was out of hands with a stable cupholder nowhere to be found. In turn, she was inspired to develop Keep Free!

When collapsed, the invention is small enough to be carried with you. The attachment band securely clips the invention to beach chairs, treadmills, shopping carts, or your tray table in flight. Its adjustable design fits cans, bottles, cups, or travel mugs. Best of all, it gives you your hands back as you go about your day.

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