Kat Somat-O-Sensory Keys

Innovative new textured keyboard keys.

  • Your Finger Tells Your Brain You Are Touching the Correct or Incorrect Key
  • Makes It Possible to Type Without Looking Down at the Keyboard
  • Saves You Valuable Time Spent on Corrections
  • Improves Productivity
  • Lessens the Risk of Neck Strain


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Faced with the challenges of carpal tunnel syndrome and an increased workload, transcriptionist Katrina M. Chernabaeff of Bakersfield, CA invented the Kat Somat-O-Sensory Keys out of necessity.

Traditional keyboards failed her, leading to frequent mistakes and physical strain. No set of cute stickers or backlighting would help with this problem. Her breakthrough came from personalizing her keyboard with tactile cues - jewels on essential keys and emery boards on others for better touch recognition.

The pivotal moment was when she envisioned using varied textures, akin to an elephant skin bathmat she came across, to represent different letters and functions. Her creation allows users to type efficiently without looking away from their screen, significantly reducing the risk of neck strain and enhancing productivity. The Kat Somat-O-Sensory Keys mark a leap forward in ergonomic computer use, promising improved health, efficiency, and learning.

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