Joy Ryder

An innovative new add-on handle system for jogging strollers.

  • Handles Move Back and Forth
  • Allows for Natural Movement of Arms, Hands, and Torso
  • Reduces Risk of Running-Related Injuries from Improper Form
  • Offers an Enhanced Physical Workout
  • Clamps to Any Jogging Stroller


Utility Patent - 11,878,730

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Kurt Musshorn of Plainville, CT has created a new add-on handle system for jogging strollers. Not only will the system help propel the stroller, but it will also help users maintain a proper arm swing to reduce the risk of running-related injuries from improper form.

The invention was born after finding it difficult to hold onto his jogging stroller while trying to run. Kurt was not able to maintain a proper arm swing or proper running form. He searched but he could not find any available products to meet his needs. That is when he decided to design and build attachable handles that would allow him to maintain correct arm swing and make running with a stroller more efficient, as a way to reduce the risk of running-related injuries.

Each add-on handle has an internal spring system that causes the handles to recoil back after being pushed forward. This helps a runners arms to swing back and recover energy that was spent pushing the stroller forward. This keeps their arms moving back-and-forth in a natural running position. All of this while providing an enhanced physical workout! For convenience, the handles can remain attached to forward and rear-folding strollers when being placed in a car trunk or in storage.

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