J&J Safety Hitch

A more secure and flexible replacement for conventional hitch and ball towing systems used in light to heavy duty towing.

  • Created to Move in All Directions with Wide Bearing Separation
  • Won’t Bind Up or Slip Off
  • Allows Either the Tow Vehicle or Trailer to be Tilted, While the Other One Remains Flat
  • Swiveling Hitch Lets the Trailer Flip - but Not the Tow Vehicle
  • Available in 3 Sizes


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

M.J. Redden of Redden Classic Restoration and Supply, LLC in McDonald, PA has created a more secure and flexible replacement for conventional hitch and ball towing systems used in light to heavy duty towing.

As an over the road trucker for many years, M.J. logged over a million miles from coast to coast. During his time on the road, he observed many accidents involving tractor trailers, cars pulling small utility trailers, and campers. During tornado warnings or severe weather, the number of accidents he witnessed was off the charts. He knew that if a car and trailer had been equipped with the hitch concept he had in mind for years, it could have saved lives. In turn, he brought his idea to reality.

The J&J Safety Hitch was designed to move in all directions with wide bearing separation and without binding up or slipping off. No matter what angle or position the hitch is in, it will swivel to let the trailer flip - not the tow vehicle. If you happen to break down with a conventional ball hitch, either the tow vehicle or the trailer must be jacked up in order to make repairs. But now, this hitch allows either the tow vehicle or trailer to be tilted, permitting the other one to remain flat. With the hitch installed, there is no worry about clamping the tow hitch onto the ball. It is just a matter of putting a pin into place. If the pin is not in place, you cannot pull away. It also becomes an anti-theft device. If you drop your trailer, you will no longer have to worry about someone else hooking onto it and stealing it. With this product on the market, insurance rates should be cheaper. Three sizes are envisioned.

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