JCs Really Reel

A fishing reel with quick-change spool mechanism.

  • Spools Pop in and Out
  • Permits Different Strengths and Types of Line to Be Used on Fishing Reel
  • More Time to Catch Fish
  • Saves Money
  • Eliminates Wasted Line That Can Become an Environmental Hazard


Utility Patent #11,058,100

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jeff Crawford, Jr. of Scottville, MI has created a revolutionary new fishing reel with quick-change spool mechanism.

It is often necessary to use different strengths and styles of line while fishing. However, removing and rewinding the new line can be difficult, time consuming, and costly. In turn, Inventor Crawford was inspired to develop JCs Really Reel!

With this clever new invention, users can now spend more time fishing and less time changing up their line! A fisherman will simply open the lid of the reel, snap out the existing spool of fishing line, pop in a different spool, close the lid, and get ready to fish. Its that simple! Not only will this save time, it will save fishermen money from having to continually buy more line. It will also eliminate wasted line that can become an environmental hazard.

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