Itch Witch

A hands-free back scratch with enhanced pressure and deeper relief!

  • Textured Rope Material
  • Tension Mounted Device
  • Can Be Installed in a Doorway or Other Sturdy Frame
  • Effectively Scratches Itches You Otherwise May Not Be Able to Reach
  • Must-Have for Those with Arm/Shoulder Pain or Dry Skin


Design Patent - D985,848

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Dyreka Klaus of King George, VA has designed a new stationary backscratcher that offers a hands-free back scratch with enhanced pressure and deeper relief compared to traditional backscratchers.

The idea was born after observing her father, husband, brother, brothers-in-law, and four sons all attempting to scratch their back by rubbing against the corners of doorways. Although a good idea, it rarely provided the relief they were seeking. Dyreka wanted to build something for them so they could get a better scratch out of a doorway. A prototype was created, and it was a hit! The Itch Witch has now been further developed and is ready for market!

The invention is installed vertically in a doorway or frame sturdy enough to support this tension mounted device. Installing against drywall is not recommended. Once installed, simply stand pressed against it, and move your body along the textured rope to effectively scratch itches you otherwise may not be able to reach! While great for everyone, it will be very useful for those with dry skin, or arm and shoulder pain.

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