Intraoral Sleep Apnea Prevention Device

Intraoral Sleep Apnea Prevention Device

  • - Reduces Both Snoring and Teeth Grinding While Sleeping
  • - Adjustable to Control All Angels of the Mouth
  • - Can be Worn While Talking
  • - No Worry of Choking or Drooling
  • - Promotes Better Sleep


Design Patent - D953,538

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Armando Onhintie of Madison, WI has designed a new device to reduce both snoring and teeth grinding while sleeping.

From age thirteen on, Armando was bothered by his snoring. He could be heard from a distance and was always concerned about disrupting others. As a result, he struggled with lack of sleep for years. As a courtesy, he would volunteer to sleep on the couch so his wife could get quality sleep, but she did not like to be in bed alone. When one of their daughters started snoring, Armando knew that one day she would leave the house to form her own family and her partner would face the same problem of sleeping with someone who snores. He just knew there had to be a solution. In turn, he was inspired to develop the Intraoral Sleep Apnea Prevention Device!

The invention fits simply in your mouth and is adjustable to control all angels of the mouth, including your teeth, tongue, lips, and other associated muscles. It can be worn while talking and without the worry of choking or drooling.

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