Interchangeable Shoe

The Interchangeable Shoe lets you customize footwear and save money!

  • Multiple Shoe Styles for the Price of One
  • Gives Users an Option
  • Increases Storage in a Consumer’s Closet
  • Faceplate Sits Flush with the Shoe
  • Easy to Change


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor James Bitner of Apple Valley, CA has created a shoe with interchangeable faceplates that let you customize footwear and save money!

Having always loved shoes but not the price tag that comes along with them, Inventor Bitner was inspired to create a shoe that could have many looks. This will be an especially attractive option for those who fall in love with a shoe style and buy one of every color or design. The shoe will fit all lifestyles!

This clever new invention allows for multiple shoes for the price of one! Consumers will now have an option when traveling or simply transitioning from the office out to dinner. It increases storage in a consumers closet. The faceplates are easy to change.

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