Interceptor X3 Layout Blind

A game changer in waterfowl field hunting!

  • 3 Person Blind
  • Ultimate Concealment
  • Won’t Leave Shadows
  • Quick Setup
  • Folds for Easy Storage and Transport


Utility Patent #11,044,903

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Christopher Foate and Kelly Foate of Hortonville, WI have created a game changer in waterfowl field hunting!

Every hunter knows that the key to a successful hunt is concealment from the game youre pursuing. Growing up with his dad, Christopher learned so much about the outdoors and how to respect what Mother Nature has to offer. Now, hes been hunting waterfowl for years. He has studied these birds and knows they can be very smart. In fact, hunting is becoming more challenging because the ducks and geese are realizing a hunters secrets and decoys. Layout blinds are a very excellent choice for concealment when hunting in any type of field. And so, with Kelly, the two have created the Interceptor X3 Layout Blind!

This clever new invention is an improved blind that will offer ultimate concealment. It will conceal up to three hunters so they can come within sufficient proximity to the game animals. The blind wont leave shadows. Setup will take just a few minutes and it will fold for easy storage and transport.

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