Intelligent Water Meter

A water usage monitoring, control, and alerting device.

  • Keeps Track of Water Being Used In and Outside of the Home
  • Installed As an In-Line Device in a Water Supply Line
  • Alerts To Help Users Better Control Their Water Usage
  • Users Can Monitor via Smart Phone, Tablet, or Computer


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Larrisha Simpkins of Clarksville, TN has created a water usage monitoring, control, and alerting device.

Utility usage, especially water consumption, continues to grow every day. Many of us are in the dark on how much we owe until the bill arrives! In addition, recent headlines depict skyrocketing water rates, sprinkling bans, residential development limitations due to lack of available water, and general water shortages. These are definite signs that we need to reduce our consumption of this precious natural resource. In turn, Larrisha was inspired to develop the Intelligent Water Meter!

The invention was created to keep track of the number of gallons that are being used in the home or outside for purposes like gardening or washing the car. It is simply installed as an in-line device in a water supply line. You will then be able to monitor and be alerted of your water usage from home or through remote monitoring via smart phone, tablet, or computer. Now your water usage can be quickly determined, monitored, and even controlled.

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