Inflation Changing Cool Tool

A specialty tool designed to assist in the installation of inflators in cow milking machines.

  • Speeds Process
  • Reduces Risk of Physical Injury
  • Eliminates Frustration
  • Strong and Durable
  • Economic


Utility Patent - 11,697,196

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Layne D. Vanderhoof of Garland, UT has created a specialty tool to assist in the installation of inflators in cow milking machines.

While working on a 500-cow dairy when he was first married, Layne hated when it came time to change inflations. Later, Layne and his wife moved 400 miles away to work on a 10000-acre farm with a 5000-cow dairy. However, his wife now had a job that included removing the milking inflation, washing, and putting in new ones. These inflators, made of rubber, must be replaced after 2,000 uses. Not only does it take time, but it quickly tires out the worker. His wife resorted to using a pair of pliers to push the nob through and a screwdriver to finish removing the inflation. But Layne just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, he was inspired to develop the Inflation Changing Cool Tool!

The tool is provided with an angle iron base. Before use, it is secured to a stationary surface, such as a barrel edge, via a C-clamp mounted to the bottom of the invention. At one end is a handle-activated punch that pushes the nub of the rubber inflator out of the hole on the milker. This leverage action makes the process very easy and reduces the risk of injury. A duck bill attachment on the other end is then used to finish pulling out the rubber inflation. The old rubber inflator is simply discarded and a new one is installed. How easy!

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