Index-able Tool Bit Insert Holder

The Index-able Tool Bit Insert Holder is a specialty insert cutting tool holder for use in metal machining operations.

  • Saves Cost and Storage Space
  • Minimizes Production Time
  • Can be used in a Fly Cutter Holder or Face Style Cutter on a Lathe
  • Accommodates Various Types of Insert Cutting Tools and Manufacturers
  • Perfect for Any Metal Fabrication Shop


Design Patent #D803,022

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Chad M. Daly, a machinist from Ewing, NJ has created a specialty insert cutting tool holder for use in metal machining operations.

As anyone who performs a lot of mechanical work will attest, nothing beats having the proper tool for a job. The proper tool can save time, save money, produce a higher quality job, reduce damage to equipment, and provide for the increased safety of the worker. Each field of mechanical work has its own type of specialty tools, each performing a specialized task. One field where there has been a need for such a specialized tool is that of machining metal. Cutting insert tools are typically held in specialty holders. Each insert requires an individual holder thus driving up costs as well as storage space requirements. In turn, Inventor Daly was inspired to create the Index-able Tool Bit Insert Holder! This tool bit has been designed with a corner milled out to accommodate for various inserts that are used day-to-day (APCR, APKT and ANGT inserts). Since all four corners can be used to cut with on these inserts, why not use all four and get your moneys worth out of the inserts?!

This clever new invention saves cost and storage space. It minimizes production time. It can be used in a fly cutter holder or face style cutter on a lathe. The device accommodates various types of insert cutting tools and manufacturers. Its perfect for any metal fabrication shop! To learn more about the Index-able Tool Bit Insert Holder, or for manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities - act now!

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