Improved Trash Burning Receptacle

The smartest way to burn trash at a residential site!

  • - Metal or Cast-Iron Trash Burner
  • - Allows for Complete Burning of Trash
  • - Ensures Trash is Burnt Safely
  • - Heavy-Duty Design
  • - Features Venting Lid, Access Door, Slide-Out Tray for the Periodic Removal of Ash


Utility Patent - 11,236,905

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Sandra Holman-Thompson of Bowman, SC has created a new trash burning receptacle that can be used continuously if needed and ensures proper burning of trash in the safest manner possible.

Even in areas with trash pickup, it is often necessary to burn yard or household waste when pickup services are sporadic, or even cease to exist due to municipal budget cuts. Whatever the reason trash is burned, it must be properly contained to keep the fire from spreading and to prevent partially burned items from blowing down the street or into a neighbors yard. Many residents turn to a simple 55-gallon drum, but quickly find that it is not big enough for large households. Additionally, the thin nature of the barrel means that it must be periodically replaced. Also, the open top of the barrel allows unburned material to blow out quite easily. Sandra just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, she was inspired to create the Improved Trash Burning Receptacle!

The invention is a heavy-duty metal or cast-iron trash burner for residential use. The receptacle features a venting lid, an access door, and a slide-out tray for the periodic removal of ash. The receptacle gets submerged in the earth and has a restricting enclosure surrounding it for protection.

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