Improved Cat Litter Sifter

Now you can maintain a litter box without the usual mess, fuss, and aggravation!

  • Minimizes Cleaning Time
  • Consist of Tray Sifter with Mesh Bottom
  • No Scooping Through Litter
  • Healthier for Cats and Pet Owners
  • Perfect for Any Cat Lover


Design Patent #D759,323.

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor David Finkeldei of Conroe, TX has created an easy method of maintaining a litter box without the usual mess, fuss, and aggravation.

Maintaining a clean litter box is not easy. Typically, a pet owner must sift through the litter to remove the solid clumps. However, even the most thorough owner is bound to occasionally miss something. Additionally, it takes a good deal of time to scoop through the box and can be difficult for the elderly or disabled to perform. Even if all of the clumped material is removed, some remains stick to the bottom of the box where it is nearly impossible to see, much less remove. As the owner of several cats, Inventor Finkeldei knows what a chore it is to keep up with litter boxes. In turn, he started experimenting with ways to filter the litter. This is when his idea for the Improved Cat Litter Sifter was born!

This clever new invention minimizes cleaning time. The device consists of a tray sifter with mesh bottom. No longer will users have to scoop through litter. This method is healthier for cats and pet owners. It is perfect for any cat lover! For more information on the Improved Cat Litter Sifter, or for manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities act now!


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