Improved Action Bar Release

The Improved Action Bar Release allows the shooter to engage release without losing shooting grip.

  • Smoother and Faster Method
  • Easier to Locate
  • Simple to Operate
  • No Interruption of Firing Grip
  • Ideal for the Competitive Shooter or the On or Off Duty Professional


Design Patent #D823,974

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Kendall B. Carson of St. George, UT has created a device that allows a shooter the ability to engage the release without losing shooting grip.

While enrolled in training classes with a Remington shotgun, it quickly became apparent that a better location and method was needed to check the chamber, select slug drills, and to unload the shotgun. Inventor Carson knew that if these issues were considered and a new release was offered, it would make for a much more user-friendly operation. In turn, he created the Improved Action Bar Release!

The new release is smoother and faster. Users wont have to release their firing grip. For right-handed shooters, it can be operated with the trigger finger of the shooting hand. With a left-handed shooter, they would simply depress the stirrup bar as it wraps around the front of the trigger plate. This design will be ideal for the competitive shooter or the on or off duty professional.

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  1. Somchai nutcharoen

    It look good to see this amazing idea , useful for somebody who have rem 870 belonging .Just I only need this equipment bigger for easy to engage (make my index finger hurt when to engage it many time) same side ( left hand)

  2. Matt

    I am very interested in Design Patent #D823,974
    Is this item available for sale?

  3. Kendall carson

    I love it and have used it for almost 20 yrs now I make right hand ambidextrousl please contact me kendall 4357034008

  4. RONALD Peterson

    LUV THIS ! how can I get it?

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