Illuminating Safety Hat

Makes workers more visible to those driving near a work site.

  • - For Use at Construction Sites During Low-Light or Nighttime Hours
  • - Allows Passing Motorists, Pedestrians, and Fellow Workers to More Easily See Wearer
  • - Prevents Accidents and Saves Lives
  • - Lightweight, Cost Effective, and Meets OSHA Requirements
  • - Also Great for Firefighters


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Buck L. Davis of North Fork, CA has created a light up hard hat for enhanced safety at construction sites.

The idea was born while driving down a California freeway at night in a construction zone. Signs were clearly posted and lighting was provided, but those working in a ditch were not visible at a distance and Buck did not notice them until his vehicle came up near them. The only thing he was able to see as he approached was their hard hats moving around. This got him thinking. Not being able to see workers on the side of the road presents a huge safety issue. If their hard hats were lit up, he would have noticed them from a greater distance away. He was then inspired to develop the Illuminating Hard Hat!

The invention will make workers more visible to those driving near a work site on freeways and roadways. The illumination comes from a band inside the hard hat, so there will be no distracting lights to the face. Even if a worker moves out of a lighted area, they will still be visible from a great distance away. The hard hat is lightweight, cost effective, and meets OSHA requirements. It will also be ideal for firefighters or anyone else requiring protective headwear.

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