Ice Cream Club Sandwiches

A delicious alternative to the standard ice cream sandwich!

  • Uses Three Chocolate Wafers
  • Wafers on Top, Bottom, and Middle
  • Allows for Two Different Layers of Ice Cream
  • Layers Can Be Different Flavors
  • Must-Have Dessert for Summer

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Martin Costello of Norfolk, VA has created a delicious alternative to the standard everyday ice cream sandwich!

This new double decker ice cream sandwich uses three chocolate wafers. The wafers are positioned on the top, bottom, and middle of the sandwich. This allows for two different layers of ice cream. Selections could include vanilla and vanilla, chocolate and chocolate, vanilla and chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, and so on.

Martin Costellos new take on an ice cream sandwich will enhance its appeal and generate additional revenue wherever ice cream products are sold.

Want to learn more about this must-have dessert for summer? Contact us NOW for additional information or for manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities!


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