Hydraulic Bailer

Removes unwanted solids and liquids from wells that are actively being drilled.

  • Drilling and Production Technologies in ONE Tool
  • Functions Like a Large Vacuum
  • Produces a Higher Quality Job
  • Can Be Altered and Changed for Different Applications
  • Strong and Durable


Utility Patent #11,021,933

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor David A. Webb of Mustang, OK has created a device for facilitating the easy removal of unwanted material from oil wells during drilling without fuss or having to pump large quantities of water down a well.

During drilling operations in the oil and gas drilling industry, it is often necessary to remove unwanted liquids and solids from the drill hole. These unwanted materials include sand, water, fracking compounds, and general debris. Usually, this is performed by a separate dedicated pump which takes awhile to position and operate. However, with over 35-years in the oil and gas industry and the knowledge from past experiences, Inventor Webb knew there had to be a better way. In turn, he has created the Hydraulic Bailer!

This clever new invention will remove all sand and solids from a horizontal wellbore section. It will instantly recover and remove solids and trash from a milling or drilling operation. The device will also prevent junk from getting behind your bit, mill, or wash shoe all things that could possibly get you STUCK in the well! In addition, it will eliminate the need to pump large volumes of circulating fluids to maintain circulation to recover sand and debris. This tool is ideal for depleted oil and gas wells that cannot flow on their own that get solids built up in the low sections of horizontal section where the degree angle dips below 90-degrees.

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