Humanless Digital Laundry Machine

A stacked washer/dryer that moves clothes from the washer into the dryer all on its own!

  • Combination Washer/Dryer with Automated Interface
  • Wet Clothes Transfer to Dryer
  • Dryer Automatically Starts and Dries the Clothes
  • Saves Time
  • Ideal for Busy Families


Utility Patent - 11,242,632

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Eyob T. Zeru of Seattle, WA has created a stacked combination washer/dryer that moves clothes from the washer into the dryer all on its own!

Between finding coins, soap for the machine, and then waiting to transfer wet clothes from the washer to the dryer, laundry can take hours. Dropping wet clothes on the dirty floor as youre putting them into the dryer only delays the process. While doing laundry, Eyob saw many frustrated people, like a woman who had to call three different people to see if they could pick her kids up from school as she waited on her laundry. Eyob just knew there had to be a way to save time so people can get on with their day. In turn, he developed the Humanless Digital Laundry Machine!

A user will simply place their dirty laundry into the washer portion and select the type of clothing inside such as whites, darks, colors, delicates, etc. The device will then automatically select water temperature and washing/rinsing times, or a user may select their own. Next, the invention will weigh the clothes and dispense the proper amount of soap. After the wash cycle is over and the clothes are clean, they are transferred by a large duct into the dryer portion, which automatically starts and dries the clothes. Operating status may be monitored remotely by smart phone, so users will know exactly when their clean clothes are done. How easy!

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