Hub Temperature Monitor

Real-time monitoring of wheel bearing temperatures.

  • Utilizes a Series of Temperature Sensors
  • Alerts Operator of Hot Bearings
  • Ensures Reliability and Prevents Down Time
  • Reduces Repair Costs
  • Communicates with Driver via Smart Phone App


Utility Patent #10,739,204

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor George H. Duryea of Broken Bow, NE has created a system that monitors the temperature of wheel hub bearings on cars, semi-trucks and trailers, or any mechanical machine with bearings.

As a truck mechanic, Duryea has been working on semi-trucks and trailers for years. When a bearing goes out, it can fuse the nuts to the spindle or axle and cause a costly breakdown. He just knew there had to be a way to prevent this and save on down time. In turn, he developed the Hub Temperature Monitor!

This clever new invention uses a series of temperature sensors to inform an operator when a bearing is getting hot. It also provides for real-time monitoring via a smart phone app. The app will sound an alert should any bearings begin to overheat, so the operator can get to the nearest shop before it goes out and results in a costly breakdown or accident.

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