Hot Lens

A heated lens system for an arc welding helmet.

  • - Anti-Fog Heated Lens
  • - Removes Condensation for Clear Vision
  • - Improves Safety
  • - Increases Productivity
  • - Successfully Tested


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Larry and Penny Poss of Elba, NE have created an anti-fog heated lens for welding.

As an x-ray welder, Larrys lens would fog up during high humidity, cold weather, and with the release of his breath under the welding hood. When this occurred, he would not be able to see well enough to perform a proper weld. Welding can be a dangerous job - one that requires unobscured vision for it to be done safely and accurately. After searching the market for something that would solve this problem, Larry came up emptyhanded. This gave him the inspiration to design a heated lens. Now the Hot Lens has been developed and is ready for market!

The invention features an integrated heating system, similar to a car's defrosting windows. This will allow the viewing lens to stay clear at all times. Using this product will not only increase your safety, it will also dramatically boost your productivity, as well. You will no longer need to remove your welding hood or goggles to clean off any condensation. The anti-fog heated lens will be there to provide you with clear vision - when you need it the most.

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Additional Information

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